Walker, Texas Ranger

I had missed the auditions for Walker Texas Ranger as I was working on another show at the time, Scattering Dad with Olympia Dukakis. I decided to stop by the Cook Ranch where they were filming Walker and see if maybe they could use me for ANYTHING. The gate guard at the ranch remembered me from my other project that I had worked on and let me drive on through (what luck as they don't just let anyone in). The stand-in for Jamie Rose did not show up so I got the job! I had a good reputation as being on time/dedicated/ hard working/welling to learn/talented/and could ride, so I ended up working with this amazing crew the entire time they filmed in New Mexico. I worked as a stand-in, a saloon girl and a double for Jamie Rose. It was one of the most memorable experiences for my career. The cast and crew were like family, everyone was so kind and easy to work with.  Below are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them!


Ed Lauter

Ed Lauter played Silas Bedoe in this episode. Not only is he a kick in the pants to visit with, he is eloquent, educated and talented.


Michael Preece

Michael Preece, the Director was one of the most amazing directors I have ever met and worked with. He taught me a lot in the time I was there.


Richard Duran

As you can see in all my pictures I was always smiling. The cast and crew of Walker Texas Ranger were the BEST to be around. Richard Duran and I were always picking on on another...or maybe he was picking...lol


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is such a down-to-earth, genuine person, you would have never guessed he was a world famous super star. On one of our days off several of us went to Chucks house (where he was staying in Santa Fe), had lunch with him and his family (BLT sandwiches and chips), then that evening we all went on a "Ghost Town Tour" in Santa Fe. It was a blast!


Boot southerland & Marshall Teague

This is Boots Southerland and Marshall Teague. Boots and I have worked on a couple of projects together and still visit every few months about upcoming projects. He is such a wonderful gentleman.


Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose was a beautiful, elegant and kind lady that was very appreciative I was doubling her in the wagon with a team of horses running full speed.


Wayne Pere

I sat on Wayne Pere's lap for a few hours while we filmed the bar scene. The way he spoke, his acting ability, what a talented gentleman. He looked ruff and tuff yet I believe he could sing opera music and have everyone mesmerized.