Bobbi Jeen Olson is a professional model and actress. However, she started off as a cowgirl. Growing up in the ranching way of life and following the team roping circuit enabled her to have a diverse upbringing. After becoming a rodeo queen in her home state of New Mexico, she was discovered by a talent agent.

This trail led to the Western movie and fashion industry. Bobbi Jeen has appeared on the cover of numerous magazine publications, been the subject of high-fashion photo shoots, runway shows and appeared on-screen in both television and film. She has even done horseback movie stunts for several famous actresses. She is the 2017 Mrs. US Ambassador for She’s Gone Country.

Bobbi Jeen is intricately involved in her community, not only locally, but the Western community, which knows no borders. She loves to keep our Western heritage alive to pass on to the next generation. On any given day you may find her working with horses, teaching youngsters the cowboy way, or see her portraying it in print and film. Her passion is working on positive, family oriented, projects which help promote our Western heritage.

Her home is now Stanfield, Arizona on a part of John Wayne’s old Red River Ranch. She is also a working partner, along with her husband Jim, son Rowdy and mother Betty, in Western Trading Post, a business which deals in Cowboy and Native American Indian collectibles. In many circles, Bobbi Jeen is known simply as “The Arizona Cowgirl.”

Article from Real American Cowboy Magazine - Charlie Nicks

BOBBI JEEN OLSON – Cowgirl / Actress / Model / Businesswoman